Children's Club

Let your children discover a world of their own, where they can forge new friendships under the supervision of our wonderful staff. 
· Available for children from 4 to 11 years
· Registration of your child at any time during your stay 
· Safety and security is our number one priority

Amenities & Services of Constance Kids Club include:
• Swimming pool for free play, relays, tag games and more
• Open play areas to show off talents, play interactive games, show movies and create a kids' circus
• Computer stations for gaming, internet access and other activities
• Arts & Crafts with traditional and local touch
• Day and evening themed programs
• A theme day to create pizzas, make ice cream and enjoy some smoothies and treats
• An imagination space for the 4-6 years with playhouses, kitchenettes, tool workshops and even some 4-wheel transportation rides
• Age appropriate washrooms for just their size
• Outdoor space for running relays, games and playground for parental supervision play